A House Party in Tuscany

Art meets food at The Arniano Painting School in Tuscany.

“A special feature of the landscape surrounding Arniano is the constantly changing light. In the early morning, there is an unusual fog in the valley that weaves between the hills, allowing only the peaks to show above the smoky clouds. These changes bring with them new moods and shadows, drawing our painters to different views and areas of the garden throughout the day. By evening everything changes again and there are often intense sunsets that bring tree silhouettes and much darker, richer, olive colours.”

There are many estates in Tuscany, but few are as magical as Ariano. It was here, in this 18th-century farmhouse, that Amber Guinness grew up and learned to cook. And it was here that she founded The Arniano Painting School, where she combined painting courses with immersive dining experiences.

“When I look at the recipes and think about what they all have in common, I realize that they all exemplify the basic principle of Italian home cooking. Simplicity while keeping the ingredients as close as possible to their original form leads to the tastiest and most rewarding meal. The beauty of Italian cuisine is that it's not about fancy sauces or preparation techniques. Rather, it's about getting the best out of what you're cooking, through patience, constant tasting and flavour development, sometimes with just a little olive oil and salt.”

The book "A House Party in Tuscany" will transport you to the Tuscan countryside and bring Arniano's hospitality to your table. The book is full of recipes for classic dishes and cocktails, seasonal menu suggestions and notes on the Italian pantry and wines.


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