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  • Fuerstenberg

    Since January 1747, when the Fürstenberg porcelain factory was founded in Lower Saxony, it has been known for its exclusive, high-quality and beautiful porcelain. Over time, the history of the manufactory founded by Duke Carl I. of Brunswick - Wolfenbuettel was shaped by renowned porcelain designers, model makers and painters.

  • Degrenne

    Degrenne has a long history dating back to 1948 when founder Guy Degrenne gave new life to tank armour left over from the Battle of Normandy in 1944. This recycled steel was used to make the very first dyes for stainless steel cutlery and innovation in itself.

  • La Double J

    La DoubleJ is a multi-tasking Milanese brand that edits the very best of Italy. Founded by J.J. Martin in 2015, the company has expanded from a shoppable magazine selling just vintage clothing and jewelry, to a full lifestyle label offering new fashion made with archival prints, cool home design and rare vintage.

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