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  • Linoroom

    Linoroom was founded by three women who love linen! Why? Because linen has a lot of great properties, including being very durable, hypoallergenic, antistatic, thermoregulating, etc. Sounds like some super nanotech futuristic clothing, right? "Our business was born out of love for linen and beauty. As a result, you can expect beautiful, premium quality products made for your home.”

  • Texteis IRIS
  • Dorothee Lehnen
  • La Double J

    La DoubleJ is a multi-tasking Milanese brand that edits the very best of Italy. Founded by J.J. Martin in 2015, the company has expanded from a shoppable magazine selling just vintage clothing and jewelry, to a full lifestyle label offering new fashion made with archival prints, cool home design and rare vintage.

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