Candle Feather Medium Crystal

Meadows hand cut glass with candle

Imagine a fragrance that touches your heart. A rare extract of iris roots, sensual notes of vetiver and a seductive scent of cardamom hidden in hand-cut crystal.

Hand-blown glasses are filled with ecological soy wax, thanks to which, after burning out and washing, you can continue to use them for serving your favorite drinks or have them refilled with wax.

height 9 cm

Design: Rony Plesl

How to care for a candle:

First shorten the wick by about 3mm to avoid unwanted smoking. If this happens, carefully extinguish the candle, wait for the wax to cool and remove the burnt ends. Never move a candle with melted wax.

The candle should burn for a maximum of 3 - 5 hours.

If there is around 6mm of wax on the bottom of the jar, do not light the candle any further, the glass may break.

Do not leave the candle unattended, in a draft or in direct sunlight (the color may change). Due to the natural ingredients, the wax surface may freeze when exposed to certain lighting and temperature.

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